Our publications are designed to enhance learning and improve performance. They are ideal training lessons and on-duty job aids. Clearly labeled finger-tip tabs allow users to focus and find relevant information quickly. Color photographs, charts, tables and example illustrations supplement easy to understand text. Printed (hard copy) pages are laminated for durability and coil bound to maintain a convenient 3.75" x 5.5" pocket-size.

Some of our titles are available below. Please contact us for individual prices and ordering. Bulk order discounts available.

Documenting The Use of Force

48 laminated pages

In the aftermath of using force to control offender resistance, the officer's report is used to evaluate performance and decision making. The report can also become a critical piece of evidence in both criminal and civil trials. This title delivers proven strategies that help officers avoid unnecessary internal and external scrutiny. The most comprehensive tool for completing the most scrutinized report. Arm yourself with proven methods for reporting the use of force. A convenient, tactical solution for any criminal justice professional.

ISBN: 978-1-932990-15-7

Our mobile app version of Documenting the Use of Force uses a single drop-down menu that allows users to find information quickly. It includes dozens of report examples and templates that are print ready when needed.

Domestic Violence Investigations

40 laminated pages

Domestic violence is a reality in many homes across America, but law enforcement officers can help stop the cycle. This guide provides step-by-step methods for conducting the investigation so offenders can be arrested and prosecuted.

ISBN: 978-1-932990-16-4

Spanish for Patrol Officers

40 laminated pages

This quick-reference guide provides law enforcement officers with the Spanish translation and pronunciation of hundreds of questions and phrases they use daily.

ISBN: 978-1-932144-99-4

Active Shooter Response

24 laminated pages

Active shooter situations can happen anywhere, anytime and without warning. This guide provides law enforcement officers with vital information they need to deploy quickly and stop the threat immediately.

  • Pre-incident planning and exercises
  • Responses and tactics
  • Recovery and traumatic stress

ISBN: 978-1-62350-867-8

Firearm Safety

44 laminated pages

Ensure responsible gun ownership by adopting a culture of accountability, continuous education, safety and awareness.

  • Off-duty responsibilities
  • Safe maintenance and storage
  • Child safety
  • Suicide prevention

ISBN: 978-1-62350-501-1

Improving Communication & De-Escalation Skills

40 laminated pages

Effective communication is essential in every workplace. All public service roles - from first responders and mental health professionals to educators and counselors - must be skilled communicators to achieve their objectives, manage emergencies, and successfully de-escalate dangerous situations.

  • Active listening
  • Other demographics
  • Common barriers

ISBN: 978-1-68423-044-0

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